FRENCH KINYARWANDA SWAHILI NEPALI ENGLISH: PAYING RENT The Governor of NH has ordered that landlords cannot evict tenants during this state of emergency.  *You are still responsible to pay your rent* If you are unable to pay your rent when it is due, you won’t be evicted, but you must pay it as soon as you are able to. Once …


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL LANGUAGES –  FRENCH SWAHILI KINYARWANDA NEPALI ENGLISH: $1200 FROM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Who receives this money: Adults who have filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019* Individual adults will receive $1200. Married couples will receive $2400. Parents will receive $500 per child under 17. If you haven’t filed a tax return for 2018 …


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL LANGUAGES –  FRENCH SWAHILI KINYARWANDA NEPALI ENGLISH: FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR UNEMPLOYED WORKERS If you have been laid off from work or have reduced hours due to coronavirus (COVID19), you are eligible for financial assistance from NH Employment Security. You will receive a portion of the income you’ve earned for the past 3 months. …

Facts, Resources, and Emergency Contact Information Regarding COVID-19 For Refugees

We have compiled some FACTS, RESOURCES, and EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION for REFUGEES and new Americans in Concord. Click on your preferred language to review – ENGLISH FRENCH SWAHILI KINYARWANDA NEPALI MASTER PDF WITH ALL 5 LANGUAGES You can also find up to date information on the CDC website: During this crisis, Overcomers will be there to … Help new Americans …

Coronavirus Pandemic: How YOU Can Help Ensure Local Refugees Are Supported

Overcomers Refugee Services needs your help during the COVID-19 crisis so we can better help some of the most vulnerable members of our community! 



… being forced to flee your home country because of war or persecution, leaving behind all your belongings and even family members, spending years living marginally in a refugee camp.  As you’re struggling to assimilate into your new home and rebuild your life, a pandemic breaks out that transforms the routines of your new country.

The circumstances and impacts of Covid19 pose immense challenges to our daily life.

Can you imagine what it would be like to endure this crisis with language and cultural barriers?

In normal times, Overcomers Refugee Services helps new Americans access and navigate basic social services, provides employment coaching and cultural education to facilitate full integration.  Now, our staff, board, and volunteers are working hard to provide support to our new American neighbors during the pandemic.

Because we collectively speak more than seven languages, and several of us are new Americans ourselves, we are able to connect and communicate with new Americans so they have access to the information and support that they need, delivered by people they know and trust in a way that they can understand, reducing fear and confusion, and most importantly, illness.

During this crisis, Overcomers will be there to …
  • Help new Americans understand the situation and how to protect themselves and their community from the coronavirus.
  • Translate and distribute health-related orders and recommendations.
  • Support parents with their homebound school children.
  • Ensure that individuals have transportation, interpretation, and emotional support if they need to access medical care.
  • Assist with layoffs or work suspensions.

The philosophy of Ubuntu from South Africa is the belief in the connection between all people.  The word Ubuntu is often translated “I am because we are” – We are all in this together. 

Please join us in practicing Ubuntu.  Your contribution will help Overcomers Refugee Services support and protect our new American neighbors during this crisis.