Overcomers Refugee Services is committed to providing services through case workers who have themselves experienced the dislocation and trauma of forced migration, and who have transformed themselves from refugee to United States citizens. 

Our Executive Director, Clement Kigugu, is from Rwanda.  

Our caseworker, Mmunga Masimango, is a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo.

Between them, they speak Swahili, French, English, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, and other minor languages spoken by refugees from African countries. They were forced to leave their homelands because their lives were at risk.  They grew up in cultures similar to the cultures of origin of the people OSS serves.  They faced similar challenges when they arrived in this community.  They understand what new arrivals face. They are members of the refugee communities that Overcomers serves but they are also established members of their New Hampshire community.

This shared experience helps make Overcomers a place where new Americans feel comfortable asking for help and where they know that they will be understood.